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V4 mini Fully Solder-less LED Kit

V4 mini Fully Solder-less LED Kit

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IR LED Hardware kit to provide quick and easy assembly. This kit requires absolutely zero soldering and can be assembled in a couple minutes. 3D printed mount support is currently in active development to allow for glue-less assembly by clipping on the LED PCBs.

How to assemble:

This kit includes:
- 1x V4 mini main board

- 6x JST SUR 35mm wire harness (LED to LED)

- 2x JST SUR 110mm or 200mm wire harness (PCB to LEDs)

- 8x V4 Assembled LED PCBs

- 1x EyeTrackVR small Logo vinyl sticker

Once sufficient orders are placed hardware will be ordered in batches. While I aim to keep delays short, parts shortages and manufacturing time can incur unexpected delays. Please understand that there may be a significant delay from ordering to shipping. Please look at our discord for updates on order status.

In the event that cost is higher than received, or an inability to fulfill orders, all orders will be refunded and the batch campaign will be restarted with necessary adjustments.

This product emits Infrared (IR) light. IR light can cause bodily harm in certain conditions. While this item was designed with safety in mind under normal usage, safety can not be guaranteed. All parties related to its development and selling hold zero responsibility for user safety. By using this product you agree to be fully responsible for any damage done.

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