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V4 Lite DIY LED Kit

V4 Lite DIY LED Kit

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The affordable EyeTrackVR LED kit!
You will need to solder 2 through hole components to the main board, and wires to the LEDs. The LEDs are pre-soldered and compatible with V4 mounts!

[NOTE] This is only the IR LED part of an EyeTrackVR setup. You will still require cameras, ESPs, and 3d printed mounts.

This kit includes:
- 1x V4.1 Lite main board PCB (bare)

-1x Current regulator

-1x 130ohm resistor (single eye use)

-1x 65ohm resistor (dual eye use)

- 8x V4.1 Assembled LED PCBs

- 1x EyeTrackVR small square Logo vinyl sticker

Note: Header pins are not part of the kit.

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome, easy to assemble

This V4 lite kit is really good, and easy to assemble and install.